About the Shotokan Directory

The creators of the Shotokan Directory are Karateka who travel a LOT. And simply it would be much easier if there was a directory of every dojo in the world. Yes, we all have affiliations to different organisations, but politics aside we are ALL Shotokan karateka. This was how the idea began. Since we work for an internet hosting provider, we are able to get this website up-and-running and attained for much lower cost than anybody else. This is how we are able to offer services to dojo’s at a much lower cost. 

LISTINGS ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE FREE!!! We will offer upgrades to basic listings, HOWEVER, phone, email (masked for antispam), website, training times, instructors and much more are in the basic listing. We will soon have examples for you to see. Register for updates to keen updated.

Quick Info

Who are we? Average Karateka
Why? To make it easier to find clubs
What? Listings, free club sites & more
When? We are building it now..so soon.

FREE Shotokan Karate Dojo Listings

We are giving ALL SHOTOKAN KARATE CLUBS a free listing on the directory. No catches, no trials, no cost. Each listing will have a minimum of the below.

club name, instructor names, training times, Location(s) , map to main location, photos/videos, events (like gradings/competition) , links to social media, Link to website, about section, club information (ie ages, affiliations, specialities, other) & more as we add them!

So why are you waiting to list?

Simple & Advanced Search

We have two ways for karateka and potential karate students to find you. The first is a simple search which people can use from mobile, tablet or PC. Utilising location features, age groups and experience level from beginner to dan grades. The advanced search, allows them to be very specific. Association, instructor level, instructor name (if club enables it), specialities, training days and more.

Want to know more?